Paramount Surgicals, Inc. is an innovative implant company that produces revolutionary technology for the treatment of spinal disorders.

Paramount Surgicals, Inc. was founded with the idea that experience is the best teacher and who better to understand the needs and complexities of the spine but those that perform the surgeries. As such, we combined the experience of a spine surgeon with mechanical expertise to hone in on the most challenging aspects of spinal surgery and create products that simplify the surgical method while offering the best results.

Paramount Surgicals, Inc. offers spine implants for the lumbar, thoracic and cervical regions with unique features that closely follow the bio-mechanical principles of a normal spine. By adhering to the principle, our products combine several desirable features, versatility, stability, reliability and surgical maneuverability.

Paramount Surgicals, Inc. has successfully marketed its full range of FDA approved products in the U.S and is presently working to introduce its line of products internationally. Paramount Surgicals Inc. continues to develope new products including a dynamic plating system and artificial disk replacement.

Our dynamic synergy of medical and mechanical expertise makes us as unique as our products and capable of meeting all spinal needs